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I was in Las Vegas for a conference last week. Yes, business as usual. That’s what we do in America these days.

As our plane touched down at McCarran International Airport, I looked out my window to the Mandalay Bay Hotel. Three weeks ago a gunman opened fire from his room there on a crowd enjoying a country music concert across the street. Fifty-eight people were killed and 546 injured in one of the most horrific mass killings in U.S. history. We are still searching for the killer’s motivation, but may never find an answer. Perhaps, there is none; perhaps, the answer is the same as the one given by the mass murderer in Springsteen’s song Nebraska, “Well sir, I guess there’s just a meanness in this world.”

On a break between meetings, I walked down the Strip to the site of the shooting. It was something I needed to…

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Good vs not so good….



This is what good people do…

Not so good…

Some jackass left a box of newborn kittens in a box, in the parking lot at work. We went to the humane society with 6 kittens in a box. I left with six kittens in a crate, KMR, bottles and a manual. Apparently I will be fostering these little ones for the next 8 weeks.


UPDATE:  We are at day 6, their eyes are open, and they are crawling!


Tips for managing stress, which is so important during the holidays…


A change gonna come…


ImageTuesday, June 25th – Federal Supreme Court strikes down a significant part of DOMA and dismisses Prop 8

Friday, June 31st – Jerry Brown announces that all counties must issue marriage licenses to same sex couples.

Friday, July 5th – After being together for 18 years, raising a child together…Councilman Yaeger married us.  As we drove home after our impromptu wedding and reception, one of my father’s favorite songs started playing on the radio (Duke of Earl).  Beyond random, but I knew it meant he was with us…watching over the family.